A lot of thinking

Thank you

Hey, guys. Long time no see, right?

I am listening to Harry Styles. Wow. I never thought I will say that. You see, I am not really a girl for pop music. But ‘Sign of the times’ is freaking beautiful.

The reason I am listening to it is because I watched 13 reasons why. I’m sure you all heard for it. I mean if you didn’t then you live under a rock.

Anyways, there might be some spoilers ahead so click away if you didn’t wacth the show yet and you want to not find out any informations.

This is so they have time to click away.



I must say that that show got me hard.

Just a month ago I was considering suicide like a perfect escape from this shity life. In a way I still do. But I don’t. I must say, I didn’t feel as peacefull as I do now for a long time. My head isn’t buzzing, the voices are gone. I could almost say that I’m completly healed.

I mean, I could say that, but I think that things like that stay in our head forever.

Oh well…

Today I just wanted to let you know that things change. I guess time can heal. I never thought that’s true. I guess it is for me.

If you are suicidal, please, seek for help. Even if you do it here on the blog. I did that. You can’t imagine how it felt when I got all of those nice, kindfull, amazing comments, saying that I’m going to be fine. That I am a good person. That other people don’t deserve to treat me that way. That they are wrong, not me.

It felt like I… It felt like I’m loved. Like, even if I don’t believe it, some people do care about me.

So. Guys. If any of you feels the way I did. Or anything else. If you have anxiety, bulimia, if you have inseciureties… Anything. YOU. ARE. IMPORTANT. You are important to me. You are important to your parents, children, friends…

Don’t give up upon of you and your life if you gave up upon the world. Believe me. World is already lost. But that doesn’t means that our lives can’t be beautiful. That don’t means we can’t dream.

If anyone has anykind of problems, please, do something to be heard (and I know that that sounds like I’m being rude- being heard can’t happen just like that, but I promise you, I will listen). You can comment below, you can write a post on your blog, you can write me an email (popstaly@gmail.com)…

I hope this post will help you in any way possible. Consider it as a thank you because you helped me get over everything that was going on in my head.

So, thank you.

With all my love,



11 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    As I said, I stopped blogging, but I totally have to reblog a one amazing post of my dearest friend Eva.
    I have no words, I have no possible explaination for this as a writing piece or a story itself.
    DO read it. DO. Because after you do you will maybe be able to see somethings you didn’t see before. Read it, because it will maybe inspire you.
    Believe. There is hope at the end of The road.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This post is not just an amazing writing piece, it’s also something that will (and probably did already) help many people.
    So also, thank YOU Eva.
    You are brave, you are brave for sharing this. And you are strong, because beauty in every day life is the hardest to see in this f***** up world.
    -no other words- ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I loved the show, too! ❤ Langford is great as Hannah. 🙂 And have you heard Harry Styles’s whole album? I’m sure you’ll dig it as well. The songs are so beautiful

    Liked by 1 person

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